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Birthday Souvenir by Kyzelenterprises with a classy design.


Looking for Birthday souvenir suited for any type of Birthday? Get your Birthday Souvenir by Kyzelenterprises with a classy design. You can get souvenir for any kind of Birthday here at  Kyzelenterprises. And also you can choose from a variety of materials. Because we can provide a classy souvenir for you. You can choose the design you want. Above all, we have no additional cost.

Souvenir suited for any kind of birthday idea by Kyzelenterprises. Our design and our materials are surely quality. We provide you with the best output. And also suited for the customer’s taste. At a cheaper price. We provide a good product for our valued customer. Ours has improved quality. And also we can give you stunning sensory souvenir. Even if viewed at a close-up distance. We can even help with your souvenir designs. Above all, we provide souvenir at a minimal cost.


How to Order Souvenir Online:


» First of all, for online Souvenir orders, we accept print-ready designs. If you’re not knowledgeable in graphics design. Kyzelenterprises can always do it for you. Just contact and inform us of the details and concept.

»Another one is you check the design in our gallery.

» Furthermore you can email your design or upload it. At

» We only create your Birthday souvenir after full payment of your order. With the minimum order of 30 Pieces.


You can check our Payment Method by connecting with us. You can contact us on 0930-1181-967 / 0998-0722-155. Also, you can check our Facebook page. At

» Kyzelenterprises provide delivery within our area.


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