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Mr. Christopher Ryan Banaag and Mrs. Arcele Banaag owner of Kyzelenterprises known because of their personalized items. Kyzelenterprises is founded in 2008. In the beginning, it is just a simple way to earn. However, because Mrs. Banaag is an optimistic person, finally her expressive design begins to show. Like on a birthday she can create a souvenir where she expresses a design with a touch of her warm love of creating sensory items.

Mr. and Mrs. Banaag believed in the positive impact of having a business. Mr. Banaag wants his wife to be more productive, that’s why he established Kyzelenterprises (formerly CRISCEL.COM). In the beginning, they started a business with one desktop and school supplies. The shop is located at Palayan City Smile Arcade back then at Brgy. Atate Palayan City. Due to the distance of the shop, the first few weeks of operation were unsuccessful. They having difficulties in having customers. And their sales were very low at that time. Mr. and Mrs. Banaag talked to each other and they come up with the idea to move the shop in Palayan City Commercial Center.

Luckily they found a vacant place in front of Palayan City National High School. They rented and began the operation. They noticed a big difference in their sales, they come up with the idea to put a copier machine and another set of a desktop.

Because of the perseverance of the owner and the eagerness to earn more, Mrs. Banaag uses her creativity to produce a personalized product. She started to create an invitation card for any occasion like Birthday, Wedding, Baptismal and Debut. Mrs. Banaag also creates a personalized souvenir for the same occasion. And added their personalized services like t-shirt printing, pillow printing, and keychain. Visit our facebook page

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