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Baptisms are a momentous occasion. Once you’ve decided you want to baptize your child, contact your church to get the ball rolling. They’ll ask for details like the baby’s name and date of birth, names of parents, and names of godparents or sponsors. When you’ve set a date, it’s time to select baptism invitations.

When you chose a baptismal invitations design, be sure to familiarize yourself with baptism and Christening etiquette. For example, if your church has a formal dress code, you may want to include this in the baptismal invitations. Be mindful of guests who have never been to your place of worship. They may have questions about customs to observe during the ceremony.

You’ll also want to include basic details like the address of your church and service time. If you’re hosting an after-party, include the time and location of this as well. 

Select a baptismal invitation design that is in step with your family’s style. If you’re very religious, consider a cross motif. For those who prefer to emphasize family and community, consider a simple greenery invitation. You can also pick a gender-specific invitation that’s reflective of your bouncing baby boy or girl. 

Many parents treat their new arrival to a sweet photoshoot. Share those budding smiles with your friends and family through a photo card. These flexible designs let you personalize the number of photos, so you can use one favorite or create a cute collage of the guest of honor.

Family and friends will be thrilled to see your baptismal invitation in their inbox. Choose a design that speaks to you, and be sure to include clear directions about the time, place, and style of your event. Whether you feature a photo of your bundle of joy, select a religious design, or simply pick something pretty, guests will be excited to receive your invitation and honored to be a part of this special occasion.

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