Who gets a wedding souvenir?

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Who gets a wedding souvenir? Is it really that’s important to learn? Getting married is both exciting and challenging. For women, it is a great excuse to go shopping and stay longer in stores hoping to find the best purchase of what they need. For men, the thrill of entering a new chapter of their lives all possible stress lining up in stores or merely waiting for their bride-to-be to get the perfect pick.

 There are so many essential must-haves at a wedding list. Some of the main ones are the bridal gown, the groom’s coat or barong, wedding shoes, accessories, and the ceremony elements. One item is usually at the bottom of the list is the wedding souvenir.

A message of gratitude to those who will take part in your wedding. Then going all through the tasks of listing down the sender of the gifts, checking the list of those who really attended and creating a “thank you” note then sending it one by one, why not express your gratefulness by giving them a token to remember your wedding? Also, wedding souvenirs preserves the experience of your guests. Every time the souvenirs are in the picture it captures emotions that connect to the wedding they attended.

Usually, it is for the principal sponsors and secondary sponsors. More than a “thank you” for literally participating in your wedding, you would want them to bring home a memorabilia of the said participation. However, guests seem to expect a souvenir too, especially if your wedding is really something to remember. Which of course you will ensure by all means! It never hurts to multiply gratitude through a souvenir as long as it serves the purpose. All guests deserve souvenirs.  Giving a wedding souvenir is a great gesture. It sends out one of the most important messages you can convey to all your guests and attendees.

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